2022 Dirt Drags

Saturday October 8th Hillclimb Weekend.

Dirt Drag racing for bikes and quads, young and old with old school field meet biker games.
Gates open at 10am
Sign up 11am
Practice noon
Racing at 1pm
Admission is $10.00
Sign up is $10.00 per class
Jackpot classes for Bikes and Quads
Class list

Classes Engine Size Tire 1st Place 2nd


Tiny 0-50cc Any Trophy Trophy
Mini 51-99cc Any Trophy Trophy
Small 100-249cc Any Trophy
Medium 250-500 Any Trophy
Big 501cc-up Street* Trophy
Sportster Sportster Street* Trophy
Hog Hog no sporties Street* Trophy
Harley Any Harley Any $50.00 $25.00
Super 501cc-up Any $50.00 $25.00
Jackpot Bike Any Purse 300% Payback

Pee-Wee 0-79cc Trophy Trophy
Junior Quads 80-185CC Trophy Trophy
Stock Quad Trophy
2 Stroke Open Trophy
4 stroke Open Trophy
Jackpot Quad Any Purse 300% Payback
Wiener Race Any Trophy
Water Bucket Any Trophy
Panty Race Any Trophy
* The intent of the street tire class is to promote bikes with "real" street tires to race, not a on/off road tire that may be street legal but is also an off road tire. If your dresser has Dunlop Touring Elite's on it, it should not run against a on/off road tire. If we have a bunch of people with on/off road tires we'll add a class just for them.